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Your company is unique and your customer relationships are one of a kind

So of course your path with Salesforce™ is going to be unique too.  That’s where we come in.  Right Here Cloud helps organizations to setup, customize, integrate, train employees and maintain optimal performance from the multitude of Salesforce™ clouds.

It’s what we love to do!

We can help you with your Salesforce™ clouds in one of 3 ways!

On Demand!

When you need a team to help you achieve your goals, or even get you out of a jam, Right Here Cloud Solutions provides our On Demand programs to help hit any objective.

On demand services can include:

  • projects
  • technical support
  • consulting
  • training and change management.

We’ll be right here for as much or as little as you need.  

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Fractional Admin

When you need semi or regular Salesforce™ maintenance, project work, integrations, security, troubleshooting, end user support or anything in-between, our Fractional Admin Plans are for you.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated team lead who will understand your unique business, your goals, help define your roadmap, share best practices and execute everything with our team of certified Salesforce experts.

Fractional Admin programs are offered either as retainer-based or pre-paid blocks of hours. You can use your customized program to augment your internal staff or act as your sole support team. It’s the ultimate way to maximize your investment in your Salesforce clouds! 

Right Start Packages

Are you just getting started with Salesforce™ or adding a new cloud?  You’ll find lot’s of options for quick start packages, but quickly doesn’t always factor in your unique needs. Our  Right Start Packages not only get you up and running with salesforce quickly, but they take into account your unique business model, customers, employees, process and success criteria.  It’s more than a punch list of items.  We custom tailor each Right Start package to make sure that you get the most out of your cloud from day 1. You choose a baseline package or a package plus add-ons to get your cloud from ready to running efficiently and effectively fast!
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So... How Can We Help You?

Whether you have 2 or 200 licenses for any cloud of Salesforce™, we have experienced, certified people that can help you meet your goals. Simply reach out to any of our account services team and we’ll get started to see if we’re a fit.